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Psoriasis Blisters On Hands Treatment (REVIEW)

I’m 35 and live in North Carolina. My psoriasis on hands started maybe 10-15 years ago as just a few blisters that would peel and progressively got worse. I actually broke out all over when my hands finally got this bad.Pretty much everywhere except my private areas. I lost about half of my hair, nearly all my finger and toe nails. I went through so many different creams and ointments, steroids, antibiotics. It was ridiculous!! I was told stress causes outbreaks. I had spots / scales everywhere else but my hands and feet were like this. Finally getting under control after starting taltz a week and half ago. Started like that. The first pic was December 14. It started back in October-ish. I feel ya!

Psoriasis Blisters On Hands
Psoriasis Blisters On Hands
Psoriasis Blisters On Hands

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