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Psoriasis Around Nose Treatment

The psoriasis around my nose is really coming in hot and it hurts so bad. I swear it’s getting worse by the day. I’ve never had it here before. Anyone have any tips or treatment for me ?

Psoriasis Around Nose Treatment

Georgia Zito : Petroleum jelly or Aquaphor… I found a very nice CBD infused cream that works really well, but it’s really pricey.

Bethany Naves : Looks like dermatitis. I would try sudocream (meant for baby bumbs) if its dermatitis most people have so much improvement using it.

Samantha Simpson : I actually love psoriasin, my dermatologist told me I could wash my face with the shampoo Ketoconazole, when showering, I wash my face, let is set a few minutes and rinse, it has helped!

Joanne Brown Stockum : I have nose flakes too. I also don’t look in mirror before going out. But I have been told by husband and adult son that there’s something coming out my nose! Bag Balm does help!

Psoriasis Around Nose Treatment

Kristie Feldt : Psoriasis around my nose isn’t red. I have flakes and it’s between my nose holes and I always look like I have dried booger’s if I don’t look at myself before going out. I use Bag of Balm. It’s a little better then vasoline. I just have to keep it on or it cracks

Rebeca James : I used for my daughter dermazor, you can buy it on amazon. You can apply it on the face, its all natural.

Brenda Hill : Psoriasin ointment, – not the cream. It helps so much!! It’s over the counter and I have bought it at RiteAid, Walgreens and our local grocery store.

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