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BEST Products to Use for Psoriasis (PICS And Story)

I’m 30 years old, born with psoriasis and have been on steroids and medications for it since a very young age. At all times my scalp and ears (in, out, behind) have been 100% covered, my face about 40% (covered areas nose, eyelids, brows), my hands are 100% covered in colder months to the point I have to bandage them just to bathe because the pain of even water is so unbearable, underarms 100%, sides and stomach 35%, with about 20% on my legs (patches here and there). I don’t follow a strict diet or exercise routine sadly. Outside of my psoriasis the only other health conditions… IBS, lactose intolerant, and vitamin d deficiency.

Today is the first day in over 20 years I’m completely steroid free. No Kenalog, No Taclonex, No Locoid, No Ketoconazole, No Olex, No NOTHING (yes I know improper just being silly excited). Crappy picture I just woke up with allergies and no makeup but there is no flakes. I have been steroid and chemical free on my face for a month then last night is the first night I skipped steroids on my scalp (which my scalp and under arms are currently the places that I get the worst flare ups). So far things aren’t bad.

Products to Use for Psoriasis

These are the best Products to Use for my Psoriasis

This is what I wash my body, face in the evenings, and shampoo my hair with.

Products to Use for Psoriasis

Two days a week I exfoliate with this.

Products to Use for Psoriasis

Morning face wash.

Products to Use for Psoriasis

Leave in conditioner for my hair

Products to Use for Psoriasis

I no longer use deodorant. This is now what I use … And yes it really works!

Products to Use for Psoriasis

After my bathing or face washing I apply this all over my face and on any flare ups.

Products to Use for Psoriasis

This is what I’m using to moisturizer

Products to Use for Psoriasis

I added probiotics into my system again.

Products to Use for Psoriasis

I am slowly trying to move towards dairy, soy, and gluten free food choices. So I use organic a must as I possibly can. I try to drink a lot of spring water (Ozarka). I have moved to all chemical free choices for my skin products. Below I will lost pictures. Each one as a special ingredient that is targeted toward the P. For more information on the products below, picture of ingredients, where to buy feel free to reply or PM me.

(And no I don’t not sell these products nor do I receive anything for it. I’m just so happy and enjoying the positive results of clean living).



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