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PPP Psoriasis Treatment (REVIEW)

I had ppp Psoriasis and my insurance has denied Humira, wanting me to take other oral immune suppressants first. I took Methotrexate in the past. It did not help me, only caused me much anxiety and affected my liver. I know how I felt physically and emotionally on the Methotrexate. I will not take the others that are being suggested.

PPP Psoriasis Treatment

My insurance is forcing me to try and fail the oral meds first. I did not handle this well when I was on the Methotrexate. I was a basket case. Step therapy is a nightmare for me…the effects of these medications scare the hell out of me. I am the type of person who won’t even take Ibuprofen unless I absolutely have to.

Prednisone was awful too…it cleared me, but only while I was on it, and caused me to gain 30 lbs that I haven’t been able to lose. I suffered for three years before ending up with Staph and Cellulitis…that’s when the Prednisone was introduced. Later the methotrexate.

PPP Psoriasis Treatment

Otezla got me 75% clear and with leflunomide I got 100% clear, but the Otezla made me throw up 4 times a week and get carsick if in the back seat even in flat straight Illinois, and the leflunomide cause a LOT of hair to fall out.

I have been trying natural things now for these last couple of years but I do not get any relief. There have been lots of prayers on my part, and battling my inner voice, which finally said I need to try something different both with medicine and with diet. The diet will be easier if I could feel better and not focus so much on my pain.



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