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Phototherapy Psoriasis Before and After (PICTURES) – Part 2

1./ Phototherapy Psoriasis Before and After – Picture’s Pramod – Instagram:

I’ve started PHOTOTHERAPY since a month. Before that my psoriasis on skin stays as spots but after starting the therapy it spreading all over the skin and itching so hard ! Not even thick moisture is controlling the itchy.

Phototherapy Psoriasis Before and After
Phototherapy Psoriasis Before and After

Is it normal ? Should i worry ? I spoke to the doctor, he mentioned that the psoriasis is fighting from inside so it’s bringing out and hopefully this will reduce after 2 moths, he said!should I be calm and continue therapy or should i try something else ?

2./ Phototherapy Reviews from Other Patients on Pramod Post :

Jane Hickey : I had the same thig happen so Dr stopped it, it was getting worse with ever session. I now take Acitretin and 4 weeks later almost clear!.. good luck hope you find something that works for you.

Georgia Eileen : That process did the same to me. The doctor stopped it. If it is not helping don’t continue especially if it is making it worse.

Ray Macahilas : for me phototherapy made it exponentially worse, it made my psoriasis explode and the itch g

Melinda Lee : My doc said it can get worse before it gets better when started light therapy. It wasn’t like that for me, but I would trust yours if thats what he said. I did light therapy for months and it worked great for me. I was gifted a full body machine and just started that recently

Clare Farrar : Mine got worse too, so i refused to have any more im now on Methotrexate have been for 6 months and im clear!!! First time in 10+ years!

Kari Sagen Gritzan : I went for several months and it didn’t really do anything for me. My boss’s son went and his cleared entirely! So hard to know what to do.

Luckylala Lambro : Personally, phototherapy never really did much for me. But a little bit of sun, like 10 minutes a day does the same track and you don’t have to pay for it. Also, the only thing that really helped me clear about 80% to 95 at some point was Biologics like Taltz I did Humira but it didn’t work. They say after a couple years on these medications you need to switch up and it’s time so I’m probably going to get on a different one now. It seems like I never go in remission I’m always flared. I know it’s such a nuisance I hope you find some relief

Jo-Jo Lewis : I didn’t get worse when having light therapy, I started clearing after a few treatments BUT your skin is individual to you and this may be your “normal” reaction to light therapy. Trust your doctors they have seen way more people with P and understand how some people will react differently.

Cindy Gooden : I can’t do any sort of phototherapy or sun, or tanning bed. Mine will spread like wild fire & blister under my psoriasis only!!! My other skin is fine. If I go outside I have to use SPF50 on just my psoriasis or within 10 min I’m itching burning & the next morning I will have blisters under it.

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Phototherapy Psoriasis Before and After

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