Permanently End Premature Ejaculation & Enjoy Smoldering Hot Sex!

There are many sexual dysfunctions that men have to deal with. But nothing is as embarrassing and humiliating as premature ejaculation. This is a deep-seated fear that is keeping many men up at night. Some even go as far as avoiding sex altogether so that they will not embarrass themselves in front of their women.

Permanently End Premature Ejaculation & Enjoy Smoldering Hot Sex!

Most women can appreciate the fact that you are “losing control” so easily because you are so turned on by them. But if this condition occurs persistently and is not addressed, sex can become a boring or even a dreaded routine for both you and your partner.

If you need some help to amp up your sexual endurance and give her great sex every time, these little tricks will come in handy.

Reduce Excessive Stimulation

The friction that is presented on your penis glans during sex is what causes most men to climax too soon. To overcome this problem, try experimenting with sex positions that take a little “heat” off your manhood and help you last longer. Hint: Passive male sex positions that allow you to relax can be helpful in extending your sexual stamina.

Male Enhancement Exercises

These exercises are becoming increasingly popular these days because they are very easy to do and extremely effective. While most exercises such as kegels and pc contractions are aimed at augmenting the erect size of one’s penis, many of these are also great for boosting your ejaculatory control. Many men are paying excessive amounts of money to sex therapists to teach them these techniques, but you can actually learn and practice these on your own from home. There are plenty of affordable male enhancement exercise programs available on the Internet that you can use.

Contrary to what most men were led to believe, there is really no need to rely on pills, medication or other over-hyped commercial gimmicks to put premature ejaculation under total control. Even something as easy and natural as adopting the right sex positions and practicing enhancement exercises will significantly lengthen the time you spend during intercourse without blowing early.

Any man can learn to last longer in bed. Sexual stamina is something that can be acquired if you are willing to put in the effort. Don’t let your lack of sexual endurance become a liability. Instead, use the two tips above, put premature ejaculation behind you and become a better lover from today! Your girl will thank you for the smoldering hot sex you are giving her!

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Lloyd Lester is the creator of “Ejaculation By Command“, a complete, step-by-step blueprint to help men permanently end premature ejaculation and last longer in bed. Learn how you can develop superior sexual endurance and enjoy transformative sex by visiting: Ejaculation By Command.

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