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Otezla Psoriasis Reviews (From USER)

Anyone know anything on Otezla. Never really heard of them. On the list for biologics now but give me this why I’m waiting because methotrexate wasn’t agreeing with my liver. So had nothing for over 3 months

Otezla Psoriasis Reviews

Otezla Reviews From User (Source : Facebook)

Cynthia Hlavik : Otezla didn’t really clear me up a lot cleared me up mildly on my knees and relieve some itching but I was never clear enough to wear a T-shirt or a bathingsuit and I got nauseous I had frequent diarrhea and sometimes headaches it just wasn’t worth it to me

Kurtis Archer : I started Otezla less than a week ago. Fingers crossed.

Allyssa Hoskins : I used it for a year. The first two weeks my hand broke out in huge blisters and got worse but then cleared up completely. I had stomach issues for the first couple weeks but only if I didn’t eat a lot with the dose. If I overate it didn’t make me sick but if I ate a little it made me sick

Amy Windsor : My dermatologist put me on this a month ago I was doing good and then I had a big flar up but I’m only on 30 MG, what MG are yal taking my doctor wants me on 60mg

Laurie A Severson : Gave me anxiety, couldn’t sleep and wasn’t hungry!

Michelle Owen : I was placed on this first. Worked amazingly within a few days but it gave me chronic headaches

Cindy Leimkuhler Henry : I took the oral otezla form and did experience some nausea.

Phil Curry : I’ve been on otezla for a few years now. Has worked well controlling my psoriasis and arthritis. Had mild stomach issues and headaches for two weeks when I first went on it. Since then no problems.

Ashley Moultrie : This to me, is the best medication because it’s not a biological and it’s kept me almost 95% clear for 5 years…even during winter.

Judy Marangoni : Take with food. Had headaches for 3 weeks

Beth Blum Kelman : I have been on Otezla for about 6 weeks. Some improvement on my hands and feet but it’s not 100% at all and I am suffering with multiple side effects mentioned above as well as fatigue,sleeplessness and some mood/ depression that I never had before. I’m contemplating whether it’s all worth it but I can’t go back to the pain and misery of full blown psoriasis . Will be discussing other options with my doctor

Laurie Miekam : I tried this otezla first but had constant nausea. I hope this works well for you!

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