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9 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Psoriasis Fast

I’m tired of hearing and seeing that autoimmune diseases are not curable. I have seen 100% to the contrary by so many people that have adopted a lifestyle that has no animal flesh in their food, as well as lowering the fat and sugar content of the rest of their food. I’ve seen MS, RA psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, lupus, chronic respiratory disease, kidney disease, diabetes, regular osteoarthritis, asthma, seasonal allergies, and all manner of disease both autoimmune and otherwise cured. The information is out there by the tens of thousands of stories if you truly care to research anecdotal evidence. One of the resources I subscribe to where I see daily miracles and testimonials is the Forks Over Knives newsletter. Want hope? Get that. Before :

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Psoriasis Fast
Natural Ways to Get Rid of Psoriasis Fast

If you insist that there is no cure, you will see nothing but those types of stories in your world, your life, and your social media feed. That which you focus on will show up in your life. Here are 9 Natural Ways what I’ve done to heal 80% of the psoriasis on my body (I’ve yet to cure the arthritis inside my body but I’m working on it):

  1. Sit as close to naked in the morning sun every single day. This is a far better and natural alternative than tanning beds and fake UV light that your doctor would subject you to.
  2. Remove every unnatural, chemical item out of your cleaning supplies, refrigerator, freezer, and beauty/grooming/bath products. Replace with items that are pure and natural. I use baking soda or bentonite clay to brush my teeth (it makes your teeth super white and makes your breath fresh), a copper tongue scraper, and natural oils (almond, jojoba) instead of gross creams. If you cannot eat it, why would you put it on your skin? Your skin is the body’s largest organ and whatever you put on it goes right into your bloodstream.
  3. Drink water – but more important than that, eat a water-rich diet. This means keep your diet as raw as possible. If you can’t sit in the sun, at least eat the sun – green, leafy vegetables are literal solar panels that soak up sunshine. Imagine what cures vegetables yield when you eat them fresh, without destroying them through cooking?
  4. Eliminate stress. Make your bills autopay. Clean your inboxes. Clean the hell out of your house. Read up on Mari Kondo and only own items that spark joy. There is no need to own items in triplicate. The less you own, the more space you have and the less you have to take care of. Reclaim your life and make your home a sanctuary!
  5. Create boundaries with people who stress you out, but do so very, very gently. Get rid of people who are straight up toxic.
  6. No sugar! Sugar is the arch nemesis of psoriasis. It inflames the disease. Want sugar? Eat fruit. Sounds boring but after a few days of that, you will not crave anything with white sugar anymore.
  7. Commit to having One-Fun-a-Day. Pick up a hobby or do something fun. This is mandatory. It not only kills stress, it is the OPPOSITE of stress.
  8. Sleep. A lot. Your body is broken down because it needs true rest.
  9. Be patient. It took three weeks for me to see any sort of effect. And my psoriasis does come back from time to time. But then I get strict again and it goes away, and so does a lot of my pain.

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