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Natural Treatment for Plaque Psoriasis- SUCCESS STORY 2021

Nana made me a natural “plaster” treatment for my PLAQUE PSORIASIS. This is before and after with just 2 applications!! 2!! Pics don’t do it justice. It’s flush to normal skin, not angry red, soft more pliable skin. And the best part (besides not hurting) is that I have feeling in my elbow again. This may sound weird but no matter how thick or thin the psoriasis has been, my finger can feel the elbow but elbow can’t feel finger touching it. Now I can! Words can’t express my gratitude!

Before :

Natural Treatment for Plaque Psoriasis

Turns out it’s a simple albi (or taro) plaster. It’s not used to treat psoriasis specifically but as you can see, it works wonders. It’s used to treat inflammation, for its accelerated healing effects and it’s drawing quality-pulls out toxins. The recipe is in % but she used half of taro root (peeled) and 1 tsp of ginger root. Both finely grated. Flour (about same amount of taro root) and a touch of water to hold it together. It really does look like chicken salad and the same consistency.

After :

Natural Treatment for Plaque Psoriasis

I put it on and wrapped it in saran wrap (instructions say use cheese cloth or flannel so it can breathe) and slept with it on all night. Used liquid hand soap under running water to remove in the morning. It’s so simple and inexpensive. Note peeling the taro root can irritate your fingers but washing takes care of that. And should you have a reaction to the plaster, use sesame seed oil. Dont use by any replacement parts (hips, screws, pacemakers). The drawing effects may try to pull it out. Please Google albi plaster. Gives more info than I can. Hope this helps heal you like it has me. I will continue to use it a few more nights and hopefully it will heal completely.


Natural Way to Get Rid of Plaque Psoriasis at Home



Part 2

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