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MG217 Psoriasis Side Effects (Reviews from USA Customers)


1./ MG217 Psoriasis Scalp Solutions, Shampoo Side Effects

Been using this product everyday for my psoriasis on my neck/hairline and been using it for about 14 days now and there has been no improvement or slight relief of itching/bumps/redness with scales. I read amazing reviews from other people so I was set on buying this item. I was let down horribly and still on the look for another product to help with psoriasis

And :

2./ MG217 Medicated Moisturizing Psoriasis Cream Side Effects

I bought this product for my husband who has a rash on his head. He applied the cream and immediately had a reaction of red swollen eyes, runny eyes and nose. His whole face became red. I told him to wash his hair, which he did but he had to wash his head with Dawn to calm the reaction to this product. He also took Benedyrl to help with the reaction. If purchasing this product apply in a small area and see what happens before using on a larger area.

3./ MG217 Psoriasis Dead Sea Mud and Salt Dual Bar Soap Side Effects

I have terrible plaque psoriasis, I treat it and take care of it very diligently. I was in the middle of a flare and I thought why not try and treat in the shower as well, so I bought this. It was a mistake. It was so harsh and stung terribly. And I have psoriasis but I don’t have super sensitive skin I use just a cheap body wash and sometimes splurge on a nice one so I wasn’t nervous to try this. This was awful for me, it may work for someone else but just be cautious to try it.

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