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Lifestyle Changes for Treating Psoriasis – PART 3

After 22 years wit this psoriasis, which I called The Cocrodile Skin plus the one in my bones, I reach a point that I UNDERSTAND WHAT I HAVE, ACCEPTED AND LIVING LIFE. I know by fact its DIFFICULT, but at the End, EVERYTHING IS MORE IN OUR MINDS THAN ANYTHING. I changed locations and weathers and I live in the Caribbean now, which help me A LOT. I dont follow ANY SINGLE DIET OR CONVENTIONAL TREATMENT at all. I just LIVE A LIFE…in general. Do a lot of exercises, I eat WHATEVER I WANT AT ANY TIME (I’m a real mess with that which I do love hahaha) chicken, rice, pizza, hamburgers, fries potatoes, sandwich, bananas, beans, etc… drink Coke a lot, as well water and regular orange juice, plus some others stuff.. NEVER DRINK ALCOHOL, DRUGS, CIGARETTE OR SIMILAR..

Lifestyle Changes for Treating Psoriasis
Lifestyle Changes for Treating Psoriasis

Then I find my Own Way to deal with it. The best Lifestyle Changes for Treating Psoriasis. I practice Box, Muay Thai, I do Yoga, Bicycle, Run all my life in the sports, basically BUT MOSTLY, Found MY INNER PEACE GUYS. So those pics are me Today and those PRODUCTS I used to heal myself. I found those product here, in The Riviera Maya and I used them when my Skin tells me. Mostly 3 to 4 times a week. The Big bottle DERMOL 600 is specific for Psoriasis and its Very Good, product from the UK. I dont have a tub, so I put the product in a bucket and then rinse myself with a towel for 10 minutes. ( I ADD a FEW DROP OF extra Clorhodine..). Then i use the Shampoo, the Incognito skin and its amazing. I use that Honey Soap which is excellent. Then my skin peels like crazy so I took all the dead skin out and re shower with the honey soap and the shampoo.

Lifestyle Changes for Treating Psoriasis
Lifestyle Changes for Treating Psoriasis

After the treatment and the shower, I use that Cream, very nice and moisturize, then I apply a random Baby Oil, any brand. AND I DO FEEL EXTRAORDINARY after my own Crocodile Spa. The last 2 products are just massage Oil which I use mostly on my neck or some specific part that I need to give attention, but the Almond and Chocolate Oil give me CALM, open ALL my sense and RELAX my body and Spirit… So AMIGOS hope to help u somehow with my Particular way to Heal and treat My Crocodile Skin hehe. I now that whats works for me, may not work for you. I love the sea sand and sun, so I do that as well, Im in the perfect weather for.. I WILL NOT SAY KEEP FIGHTING… I Stop the Inner FIGHT.. So KEEP LIVING that We do ALL have a Reason to Live. From the bottom of my heart

Lifestyle Changes for Treating Psoriasis

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