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Ketogenic Diet Psoriasis (PHOTOS and STORY) – PART 3

This past summer I went on Ketogenic diet and I was drinking a lot of water and it appeared that my psoriasis on my elbows had cleared up almost to like nothing. I am by no means saying this will work for everyone because all of our bodies and triggers are different. I am also not a doctor or someone who knows much of anything when it comes to others bodies and conditions. This is what works for me.

Ketogenic Diet Psoriasis

Ketogenic diet (my plan on and have been working out 4 to 5 days a week for a month and a half now and I will say in 2 years this is the best my elbows have looked. Avoiding processed sugars too much dairy snd no breads unless its sprouted grain for breakfast. The workouts are killing me but I’m hop9ng to get used to those again. I just need all this gone. My dr mentioned biologics and I said “nope” they scare me. I have cleared it up on my own before I will again. Pretty sure my trigger is sugar. No steroid creams or biologics just a lifestyle change.

I am very proud of myself I never thought this would happen. Listen to your body. I’m glad I did. Once again this is what works for me. Everyone is different.

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