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Ketogenic Diet Psoriasis (PHOTOS and STORY) – PART 2

I never posted my worst areas, because I can’t take pictures of them, don’t want to post pics in my underwear, and don’t want to get hubby to take pictures of me in broad daylight either. I have just a few spots on my arms, calves, and around my hairline and neck. Then my scalp is a bit worse as well as my thighs, tummy and chest. I have a few really bad spots on the sides of my hips and all over my bum, and in between my breasts, and all over my middle back. Then there’s the horrible spot which takes almost all my lower back from the waist down to my bum crack. That one is huge, and dark, and always itchy and scaly, and of course will take longer to get better than everything else.

I started on the ketogenic diet a few weeks ago, but this time I also cut out dairy and gluten, and the spots are not swollen and not so red anymore, and even the back has calmed down a bit. I had a bout of stress the past few days, and I got a bit flaky again, but things seem to be calming down again today.

Ketogenic Diet Psoriasis

I am thinking of adding some Nutritional Yeast for some B vitamins, and some D as well. I did 6 days of celery juice cause a few people told me it may help, but then the celery skyrocketed in price . I’ll try again when all the “January resolution” people stop doing it lol. There are SO many different roads you can take for treatment. Just sharing my current experience. It’s a battle. Just remember to fight the good fight and that you are the same lovable person you always have been and will continue to be!

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