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Keto Diet for Psoriasis – PART 4

Over the last few years I have tries ACV, tea tree oil and Dr prescribed medication but nothing really worked. Even though my case is very mild compared to others I do feel that I should share what has worked for me in the last few months. I have went on a keto diet to change my lifestyle due to being borderline type 2. I also included IF which seemed to have helped me tremendously.This is 3 weeks difference doing strict Keto diet can totally see this diet being life changing for me!!

Keto Diet for Psoriasis
Keto Diet for Psoriasis

Keto diet may not work for everyone but it has helped me a lot and I hope it can help others. While I am not totally clear yet, I definitely feel better and I can control my diet better. The mental health and weight loss benefits are an added plus.

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