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Jojoba Oil for Psoriasis REVIEW (SCALP AND PALM)

27 year psoriasis sufferer here. I lose clumps of hair always when I shower. I usually wash my hair every three days because it is extremely thick and coarse and naturally curly. I was sick with a bad cold this week and I didn’t wash my hair for a week because I was just so sick. Finally feeling better after a week, I wash my hair and this is the clump that comes out. I must be the Rapunzel of thick hair because I swear it never really is noticeable. Thank God. I was suggested by someone that I know who has psoriasis to try tea tree oil and Jojoba oil combined 50-50. I got it from the vitamin shop. It has done wonders for my hair making it nice and shiny, it has done wonders for my palms which always were so dry and flaky. Everyone certainly is different it does not work for everybody but for me personally it has helped immensely. I just wanted to pass it along. I’m not big on meds so this naturally has been great!!

Jojoba Oil for Psoriasis
Jojoba Oil for Psoriasis
Jojoba Oil for Psoriasis

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