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How to Treat Pustular Psoriasis on Feet (SUCCESS PICS)

I was on Taltz but doc just switched me to Otezla. However I wanted to share a routine I’ve discovered that has helped with flare ups. I have Pustular Psoriasiss on my feet. This routine has helped alot. Temp does matter. If too hot yes. But I have keep mine moisturized or they get to dry, peel and bleed.

How to Treat Pustular Psoriasis on Feet
Pustular Psoriasis Before and After Pictures

This is what I been doing every night before bed after I’ve bathed and I use charcoal bar soap to wash my feet with. Sometimes I use a soft bristled brush to knock off any dry peeling skin.

  1. 30 min Epsom salt foot bath. I do use a foot bath with temperature control plus the bubbling it does soothes my feet. I let my feet air dry when done.
  2. Apply spray hydrogen peroxide to any areas that are open, cracked. Pat dry with clean paper towel.
  3. Apply CICLOPIROX cream or hydrocortisone cream works too. Massage into feet real good and let absorb in.
  4. Apply thin layer petroleum jelly, massage in real good.
  5. Put on a thin light weight pair bootie socks. Go to bed and relax.



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