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How to Treat Psoriasis without Medication ? (STORY)

Started crying a few times reading some stories in this blog. Psoriasis is so frustrating, itchy, irritating, painful and just plain ugly. I’m thankful I didn’t get it until around 45yrs old. But it spread and became severe. I went to many different Dr.s. I was to scared to take a medication that would suppress my immune system. But did try Otezla which was a fail for me. 13 years of doctors and fighting psoriasis nothing healed the root cause. I gave up on them. Changed my diet to Keto diet and clean eating (with a splurge now and then). Was taking a handful of high quality supplements (fulvic humic acid that pure concentrated powder) and was doing cleanses. Nothing… Well little gains… then fall backs I’m now seeing improvement. And relief from pain. Raise God!!! With one new little addition. I pray you all find healing.

How to Treat Psoriasis without Medication
How to Treat Psoriasis without Medication

Expand your thinking. The Doctors don’t always have the best cure. And many drugs they push are not a cure and actually making one sicker in other ways. I’m 60 now and can’t help but wonder if my outcome would of been different if I had been taking a immune suppressing drug for psoriasis, when I got the covid in Dec. I choose health and vitality. (Source : Misty from Missouri)




Treating Psoriasis without Medication (SUCCESS PICS)

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