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How To Treat Psoriasis Without Medication – PART 4

I stopped taking humira with my last child when I got pregnant then breastfeeding. My eating and sleeping habits were awful. My stress was through the roof. My body covered in plaques psoriasis I came to a realization of why i stood here, having psoriasis, what am i doing to my body? Why it is working against what i want?,i came to an answer that maybe my body wasn’t happy about what im doing, so i tried different things. yoga, meditation,exercise, changing my lifestyle, engaging with nature and new experiences Etc. And because of that it change my perpective about life. I finally decided to concentrate on gut health through AIP diet. I still have some plaques but I am mostly clear and have lost 45 pounds! I play disc golf 4x a week and do Pilates. I also intermittent fast a 16:8 and take probiotics, turmeric and robybzymes.

Psoriasis helped me build myself to be what i can become. Treating Psoriasis Without Medication – Don’t wait for something to be happen, make it happen. Know the very root and decide what you can do about it. Don’t be so hard about anything, work hard or study hard instead work joyfull, study joyfully, live joyfully, cause you’re only at your best when your happy. Wheb you are joyful.

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Natural Tricks to Get Rid of Psoriasis At Home

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