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How to Help Psoriasis on Legs (SUCCESS STORY) – PART 2

My regimen when I use Dead Sea salt for my legs psoriasis. I usually get in a hot bath and soak. After a while I take it an exfoliating rag and rub everything until I’m down past the scabs. I then take two cups of salt and add it to my water and soak for 20 minutes or longer. Here’s the exfoliating rags that my daughter bought. For those that live in Wyoming. As you are probably aware Thermopolis Wyoming has the worlds largest hot mineral Springs. I also noticed a positive reaction when we stayed there for a few days and went swimming at the community pool.

How to Help Psoriasis on Legs
How to Help Psoriasis on Legs
How to Help Psoriasis on Legs
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I’ve gone to the tanning bed last time while using my salt. I went into remission for years until recently. Unfortunately I have moles that have been removed that are pre-cancerous so I have to be cautious about a tanning bed. i’ve never had any experience with the shampoo. For the psoriasis I have on my scalp are usually just lay down in the salt water.

New Tricks to Get Rid of Psoriasis On Your Legs


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