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How to Control Psoriasis on FACE ?

Before/after psoriasis on my face – controle routine + makeup PHOTOS :

I have it on my face too. How i keep it calm for an event

  1. Showering a few hours before I have an event. I softly scrubb all the scales off. (!)
  1. After shower cold water to calm the skin
  2. Coconut oil on body & face
  3. Jade roller to decrease the 3D texture of it on my face
  4. Let it soak in
  5. Nourishing Body lotion on body & face (i use one with sea salt)
  6. Apply a green “anti redness” primer
  7. Use a foundation that is hydrating and has good coverage
  8. “Fixate” with a powder

That usually does the trick. If i dont have to be anywhere important i wear a hat/ beanie and nowadays u have to wear a facemask anyway so haha no can barely see it that’s one mini positive in this shitty situation


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