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How to Calm Psoriasis Redness (RECIPE AND PICTURES)

Good day all, I have never posted anything on this page before but I am always inspired by the many success stories. I was diagnosed with psoriasis 25 years ago and tried so many different treatments. I was part of a placebo trial, I was hospitalized 3 times and as many of you may know treatments work for a short while then for some reason it stops working. I have been using a topical treatment since my flare up started just before Christmas. The same treatment I used early last year but my condition just got worse. Wore surgical cloves to work with the finger tips cut off just to hide my hands.

How to Calm Psoriasis Redness

A work colleague told me that her mother is a firm believer in this paste she makes and I should try it… scheptical at first… I thought what the heck. Its 3 ingredients that I have in my home and gave it a try. The first picture was taken 27th January before I started… the second pic was on Monday 1st Feburary. And the third was taken this morning. I am blown away by how good my skin feels and looks after just one week.

How to Calm Psoriasis Redness
How to Calm Psoriasis Redness

It is a mixture of vaseline, maizena/cornflour and black seed oil. I apply the paste at night and do a cling wrap overnight. In the morning I remove the wrap and shower to wash off the paste. I then sparingly apply the same topical treatment that I have been using. No more flakes and calm psoriasis redness. ( Patricia – USA)

Best Trick to Get Rid of Psoriasis At Home Naturally

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