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How I Treated My Scalp Psoriasis – SUCCESS Pics And Story

I’m having scalp Psoriasis for more than 4 years and I have been taking alternate medicinces for 3+years and I had 75% control but I have been having lot of supplements and at some point there was no improvements, So I stopped following it.

In last 7+ months due to more stress and after using steroid creams l have started getting more vigorous flares. Last 2 weeks Im seeing siginificant improvements in my scalp. All my white scales have gone and skin looks smooth on the touch. Discolouration is happening. 3 weeks back I had my covid vaccine (dont know any effects on this one). You can check before and after pics below

Before :

How I Treated My Scalp Psoriasis

After :

How I Treated My Scalp Psoriasis

What did I changed to treat my scalp psoriasis ?

  1. Stopped Milk (earlier I was having Soy and then moved back to milk)
  2. Almond milk for my tea
  3. Salmon fish and roasted veggies for lunch
  4. Soak in bath tub with Magnesium sulphate once in a week and apply coconut oil after drying
  5. Curcumin double strength
  6. Pro biotic double strength
  7. Almond, pistachio nuts and sunflower seeds
  8. Turmeric soap for bath
  9. Coal Tar shampoo

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