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How do I Get rid of Psoriasis around My Eyes?

I have two small patches on both of my eyes in the very inner corners of my eyes near the the tear ducts and they hurt so much. It burns and I’ve tried applying protopic but it doesn’t do anything like it used to for other patches I had on my eyelids previously. I know I can’t use steroids there so are there any other suggestions on what I can try? I’ve just gotten a handle on the psoriasis in my ears that’s been hell for years and now this pops up.This Eye psoriasis is making me miserable, both my eyes have a tiny crack on the inner corners near tear duct and it burns when I cry or sweat or my eyes water. Protopic isn’t doing anything 🙁

Advice :

I just use the steroid cream but only the slights bit. So il put some on my baby finger and rub it off and with just the remanence I put that on the spot of psoriasis. , I also have a small patch on the lid of my right eye, however, mine is on the underside against my eyeball and is affecting my sight. I will be seeing a new Derm soon and hopefully, she will be able to help. My Optometrist has been far less than useful. If I get any good info I will post about it here.

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