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How Can Diet Affect Psoriasis ? (SUCCESS STORY) – PART 2

Was ‘diagnosed’ at 15 yrs old with mild ‘P’ on my head, which later found its way to the rest of my body, but much worse as I got older. Suffered for years. Used to take off a month at a time to go to Ein Bokek at the Dead Sea to heal. But Psoriasis kept coming back. Was completely terrified of BigPharma’s meds, especially the ones that harm the liver. Met a psychologist in FL that was interested in seeing me better. She gave me a protocol to try, big change in diet, slight lifestyle changes, too. After 90 days (no meds) I didn’t have a lesion on my body. BUT…..when I do binge here and there, it can come back in a day or three. I bought new shirts (short-sleeves of course), 15 of them from Costco. I had ‘covered up’ for decades. My sons were in shock, so happy for me. I was on the NPF’s forum for a couple of years at that point.

How Can Diet Affect Psoriasis

When I posted that my ‘P’ went away after 90 days, that it was a miracle, and without meds, they deleted my account and banned me. They said my post was too controversial. I was at the dermatologist’s office the other day for an annual checkup. Doc looks at my arms, which you can see the outlines of the enormous lesions which are now cured (they look like dark shadows) and she asks me what they are….I said, ‘psoriasis’. She asked, “How did you get rid of it?” I said, “STRICT diet.” She smiled and nodded her head. End of conversation, as she proceeded to nip/tuck some skin tags. Just making a point here…..there are successful, alternative ways to slay this monster. I did it and have the ‘scars’ to prove it. I wish every person suffering from this condition a speedy, successful recovery. The same thing does not work for everybody, but with diligence, you can find a cure or something close to it.

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