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Home Phototherapy for Psoriasis (US)

I was going every week to phototherapy but the cost is too much. The nurses there told me to talk to my derm to try to see about insurance helping me get a home unit. I’ve been trying to research but haven’t found much.. And Today I got my very own home phototherapy unit! I’m soooo happy! My insurance denied me at first, but then I appealed, and they said yes! Only had to pay a $99 co-pay which is nothing compared to the $2000 full price.

Home Phototherapy for Psoriasis

I got this from National Biological Corporation

I’ve been instructed on what to do. I was going and having treatments done for a while so the nurses there gave me some tips as well.

I hope they approve it for all of you! My insurance denied me the first time, so I appealed it and they approved.

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