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Gluten-Free Psoriasis Success – PART 3

I did a combination of avoiding gluten, sugar, dairy, eggs, soy, corn, pork and red meat and canola oil. I did not cut out night shades as they did not cause any flare ups. I added loads of fruit to my diet, and dates as a treat instead of chocolate. Zinc supplement ( without citric acid)+ b12 vit, and reishi or chaga mushroom powder keeps the inflammation down. The itchiness seems to be under control, but new spots just keep coming! My dermatologist won’t prescribe any medicated creams because I’m breastfeeding, even though my daughter’s pediatrician and my ob-gyn say it’d be fine.

Gluten-Free Psoriasis Success

It’s not as simple as eliminating wheat and gluten. If I may give my 2-cents, from what I’ve read, Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease and inflammation is a part of it. From a diet and physiology point of view, you would want to treat for the possibility of leaky gut, hence the elimination diet. Concurrently, you want to look into nutrition that heals the gut. If you Google autoimmune diet and leaky gut, there is tons of info out there. And in my experience, general practitioners aren’t well-versed in it.

Gluten-Free Psoriasis Success
Gluten-free diet after 5 months

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