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Genital Psoriasis OTC Treatment (REVIEWS)

I recently was diagnosed with genital psoriasis and I’m suffering so bad. I can’t even tolerate underwear! OTC treatment Suggestions ? I feel so bad it’s down there!

Genital Psoriasis

Genital Psoriasis OTC Treatment REVIEWS

Kathryn Bean : Keep it clean & a normal amount of dry. Wear as close to 100% cotton underwear when you’re clothed & nothing when you can. I had to use topical steroids on & off for over a year. I also used coal tar soap (which can burn just fyi). Mine was related to a fistulizing Crohn’s flare. The inflammation just spread throughout my entire undercarriage inside & out. It was HORRIBLE!

Markita Stokes : Coconut oil, tea tree oil, Coco butter, Aveeno oatmeal body wash, summers Eve sensitive body wash. U can’t use to many scented n harsh things down there. It can burn an cause a bad rash. Aloe Vera gel is good to. Do not shave at all. Try professional waxing.

Taylor Ludwig : I started using this yesterday and it has made a difference in the itching and dryness down there. I’ve been suffering from this for over 15 years. It was the first spot of Psoriasis I ever had. I never knew what it was until after I was in my 20’s and I still have trouble finding creams that work for both the itching and dryness.

Genital Psoriasis OTC Treatment

Cam Ethridge : The skin can get dry which won’t allow things to stretch and the dead skin cells cause a funky smell within a day but showers dry out the skin so much. I use the tub of Vaseline steroid stuff all over my body, let it sit while I walk around naked for about 30 then take a shower.

Genital Psoriasis OTC Treatment

Enough of the stuff stays on without it being to greasy. First from left is doctor prescribed and it goes everywhere but you can’t sleep or wear clothes with out being a greasy mess. Let it sit for as long as you can, there may be a little burning but it’s is sooo better after. Cetaphil is for Eczema but it can work for this as well. I throw in a little of the Aveeno to give a little fragrance. Hope this helps.

Adrian Cantu : This works fast. After a shower and then dry, apply this to the area. I usually do this before bed. In a few days, the problem goes away…for a while.

Genital Psoriasis OTC Treatment

Melissa Zirschky : I too have it in that area. After trying a ton of soaps and lotions and creams I have found CeraVe hydrating cleansing bar and Palmer’s fragrance free lotion is the best for me. I also started using fragrance free pantiliners and pads. All free and clear laundry soap and softener. The fragrance really irritates my skin. Good luck hun.

Kaitlyn Shaw : I have it too! It flares up with my tight leggings and I use this. I get it at kaiser Pharmacy over the counter. You don’t need a prescription this brand works instantly relief for me

Genital Psoriasis OTC Treatment




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