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Foot Plantar Psoriasis Treatment (Experience)

I’ve had palmoplantar psoriasis exclusively on the underside of my right foot for 2 years, which has continually spread to a larger area. The skin feels super thick, scales easily, and gets painful / sheds scales everywhere when I go barefoot. I’ve tried:

  • Clobetasol
  • Halobetasol / Tazarotone
  • Goeckerman regimen w/ natural UV light and OTC MG 217 coal tar, also tried it alongside clobetasol
  • Goeckerman regimen w/ a UVB phototheraphy machine at home and 20% crude coal tar (custom compounded) + 6% salicylic acid

Also on Ocrelizumab (for multiple sclerosis). Despite being on immunosurpressive drugs and hitting it with a ton of UV and coal tar, I can’t get it to budge. It’s still spreading more on the foot and also starting to appear on other parts of the body (lower back, palm, lips).

I’m currently also starting on methotrexate (for Psoriatic Arthritis) which might help but doc says is a 50/50 as to whether it would help the psoriasis. What has worked for people having it on this part of the foot? Is there something I’m missing?

****I can’t take adalimumab (humira) or remicade (infliximab), both are contraindicated since I have multiple sclerosis. Secukinumab (cosentyx) is a maybe but not much data to indicate how safe it would be alongside my MS drug.

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