Psoriasis Guidelines

Food Recipes for Psoriasis Patients

I’ve had psoriasis for years, I can usually deal with that pain. I also developed PsA and my joints are flaring so bad. Its frustrating because I cant even clean or take the trash even though I know I have to. My rheumatologist gave this to me.

This is Auto Immune Protocol Keto way of eating (You can download here).). You must transition into this slowly. Giving up all sugars and most carbohydrates is very very hard to do. It will take you months ! I have been eating this way for nearly 3 years now but sugar and most fruit was very hard to give up. I was addicted to sugar. I haven’t given up all dairy. I still eat cheese and plain unsweetened yoghurt but no milk or definitely not ice cream. My pain in my hands particularly has dramatically improved but the damage is done and my fingers are nearly completely stiff. I cannot make a fist or grip things. Rashes have cleared up a lot. I have a lot of fish and fish oil supplements.

It’s a personal choice, but definitely a valid oneThere is a stricter version, the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) diet that eliminates even more, including nightshades.Hopefully it helps some of yall here.

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