Can’t Fix Premature Ejaculation ? Learn the Straight Scoop !

By Lloyd Lester, Creator,

You are bound to have some concerns when you are trying to last long enough during sex. Whether it is about the right technique to manage your ejaculation or the right time to do it, the questions never end. Keep reading and let’s discuss and address a few issues here:

Question #1 – Exercise Or Medication: Which Is Better For Improving Ejaculatory Control?

Let’s clear up the basics first. There is NO medication that can help you last longer in bed if your pelvic muscles are weak to begin with. You see, medications and drugs are available but these can only increase and regulate the flow of blood to your genitals. If your muscles are weak, you will only maintain the erection for a short time even with the help of medication. So yes, exercise is one of the best ways that can help you in the long run. In fact, exercise is the essential building block that can make other techniques (including medication) succeed!

Question #2 – Are The Exercises Tough And Time-Consuming?

Yes, exercises such as kegel DO take some time and consistent effort. But you will be amazed at how simple they are to learn and practice on your own. In fact, you don’t even have to invest a separate time for it. Most of these exercises are innocuous enough that you can do them at work, while travelling or even when watching television. What about the amount of practice you need each day? How about 5 to 10 minutes? Honestly, that is a drop in the ocean considering the immense benefits you are going to get out of it.

Question #3 – Can I “Will” Myself Not To Have Premature Ejaculation?

Honestly, I wish I could when I first began on the path towards better sexual stamina! But here’s the thing – premature ejaculation is mostly a learned habit acquired from young (such as your masturbatory habits that focused on quick, instant gratification). Thus it will take some time to “unlearn” and start having a longer and better sexual experience. This takes effort and practice. Premature ejaculation is NOT something you can control just by thinking about it – even if you have loads of willpower!

Question #4 – Can I Ever Please My Partner If I Have PE?

Reality check: It is NEVER about how long you last in bed. Some men can last up to 30 minutes in bed, without ever fulfilling their women. But there are guys who are ‘quick shooters” (who last no more than 2 minutes of sex), yet their female partners are completely bowled over in bed! How it that possible? Simple!

Those guys make sure that their women are properly aroused and stimulated before they begin sexual intercourse. In fact, most of these women have already gotten an orgasm (or two) through foreplay before any penetrative act. That is truly the “gold standard” of lasting long enough. Food for thought?

About the author:

Lloyd Lester is the creator of “Ejaculation By Command“, a complete, step-by-step blueprint to help men permanently end premature ejaculation and last longer in bed. Learn how you can develop superior sexual endurance and enjoy transformative sex by visiting: Ejaculation By Command.

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