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EPSOM SALT for Psoriasis on Hands (REVIEW)

My husbands new to psoriasis. Forever his derm just treated it like eczema but he recently just went in because he keeps getting scales on his hands then they fall off and that’s not eczema. Anyway his most recent flare up has been the worst. He has been eating healthy and going in the hot tub and it seemed to start healing then it broke out again. But this time his hands are terribly swollen. Well just his fingers really. Sucks it happens on a weekend so can’t get into rheumatologist. His hands are so swollen he can’t shut them. He has tons of creams they’ve prescribed and none work. He’s been doing epsom salt soaks. Thankfully it’s not terribly painful yet but it takes away a lot of use of his hands. The picture with the tub below his hands is epsom soak. I will definitely get some Dead Sea salt. He’s been using bag balm which he finds keep them moisturized the longest :

EPSOM SALT for Psoriasis on Hands
EPSOM SALT for Psoriasis on Hands

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