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Enstilar Foam Before and After PICTURES (For Psoriasis)

From the awful sight on the first picture to second picture. What a change within 4 days with Enstilar foam. My dermatologist doesn’t like me using it on my face, but hey, I don’t like my face and skin when I don’t use it.

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Enstilar Foam Before and After

After :

Enstilar Foam Before and After

But this Enstilar Foam has some side effects, you can check all comments from Facebook below :

Shanna Jenkins : I used Enstillar on recommendation from my dermatologist, was told to use for 1 month on then 1 month off. It cleared it during the month on then came back twice as bad on the month off so not using anymore!

Michelle Butler : After a flair up I use enstilar spray foam. By the next day my plaques start lifting off my scalp. It’s itchy, it pulls my hair. I won’t shave my head. It’s only in one spot the size of a softball in the back

Stephanie Peel :First week it was great. Then it just looked like I’d been badly burnt, plus left my Psoriasis very painful.

Steven Fernandez : I see many folks speak about trying to wash Enstilar Foam out of their hair. I post this so folks are aware that Enstilar comes in three prescription forms: – As a suspension (liquid) for the skin or the scalp – In a foam for topical skin use.- In an ointment for topical skin use.Now, availability via your pharmacy may be a different issue with any particular form if they don’t get many customers ordering it. Some insurance companies will require you to order it through a specialty pharmacy (like mine).Ask your doctor which form(s) will be appropriate for you.

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