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Enbrel Before and After Pictures (Psoriasis Patients REVIEWS)

I have been on Enbrel for 11 weeks now! This is on my tummy. Same spot, 11 weeks between the two photos! The difference between these two photos amazes me! No more cracking and bleeding! Much less itchiness! My jeans/pants don’t irritate it anymore.

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Enbrel Before and After Pictures
Enbrel Before and After Pictures

Enbrel Psoriasis Reviews from Others Patients :

Gail Frankel Reise : Ok. Here is some things to keep in mind when using Enbrell. Its good stuff and I hope you get relief.This is what the doctors don’t tell you and I had to learn on my own 🙂

1. Take the medicine out of the fridge at least an hour before hand. It hurts less if its room temperature. YES, you can take it out of the fridge and let it get room temp.

2. The first few times you inject you know that you have to rotate where you inject. Make sure you pull your skin taught. I had once or twice I thought the pen misfired. It didn’t. I just didn’t pull my leg skin tight enough.

3. You will probably get injection site reaction. This is NORMAL. Just make sure you have some ice packs available. The first 3-4 injections were the hardest for the reaction. After that it got better.

4. If you inject on your left leg, be aware that the shot you gave yourself before the one you are doing will probably give you a reaction. THIS IS NORMAL. It scared the ever loving poop out of me. SO if you inject on your left side dont be afraid if the right side reacts. Again, Advil and ice were my friends.It worked well for me but stopped working so my doctor put me on another biologic. Sometimes you have to do a few before your boys likes one. But Enbrell cleared me up a great deal and I was glad I took it.I had no side effects. And it has been around a LONG time so is very safe an effective,.

Ragina Sammons : Please be careful with using enbrel ..I know it works different in everyone but I did work ok for me about 8 years ago ..I was on it about 2 years…I started developing uncontrollable muscle movement in my left leg ..not all the time but got a little worse over time …read more on it and can lead to ms. Symptoms…so my Dr. Took me off …been on stelara ever issues ..prayers on finding relie

Stephanie Reneeyeah: I just started enbrel last month. I feel like the spots are fading after the white plaque falls off it’s not reforming I just have a flat red spot that feels like normal skin

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Enbrel Before and After Pictures (Psoriasis Patients REVIEWS) – PART 2 (

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