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Dovonex Psoriasis Ointment Reviews

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Just wanted to share that I’ve found a topical that’s actually been healing my Psoriasis. It feels like such a miracle. I’ve been prescribed it by naturopath after over a year of failed attempts at hollistic methods haha. It’s not a steroid it’s actually a topical vitamin D compound. They call it a cream but it’s really more like vaseline. It’s somewhat photosensitive/can cause sunburns which is good to keep in mind if you plan on using it in the summer or in hot weather. I have mine covered luckily but it’s pretty exspensive, over a 120$CAD for a tube ust a bit bigger than a tube of toothpaste.

If you’re curious here’s a quick recap of my story: I’m 28, almost 5 years sober from being an alchaholic, I’ve been working on treating my psoriasis very seriously over the past three years. It’s very severe and I hit a breaking point when it started attacking my face, and thought fuck I really need to do something about this. I got on an elimination diet and figured out nightshades, dairy and gluten trigger it. I eat an AIP diet, I tried to do a candida diet but couldn’t handle it, I tried a wingnut yet charming protocol with a pretty promising recovery rate (high dose vitamin d orally, with topical magnesium and a low calcium diet) I’ve been on more supplements than one human liver should ever have to process in one lifetime. I have plaque P, nail P, scalp P & Guttate. Major legions on forearms and calfs as well as my entire scalp, its expanded to my back, face, ears, nails, ass, parts of my thighs and my belly button. When I have had recent flares it attacks my hands but so far I’ve been able to keep it at bay.

Anyways, it’s pretty amazing to finally find something that’s showing results. I definitely recommend talking to your doctor about using this cream. It’s well worth it.

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