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Dovonex Cream Side Effects (PICTURES)

I’ve just been diagnosed with Guttate Psoriasis by my GP. I’ve had two different antibiotics, the second lot I was given was penicillin based and I’m also now on a strong steroid cream (Dovonex). Whilst the psoriasis is slowly clearing on my tummy and back I’m now getting more patches on each side of my neck. The photo attached is nearly 7days of being on the Dovonex but it seems like it’s getting worse and the burning sensation is interrupting my sleep. Has anyone else been on Dovonex and experienced the same?

Dovonex Cream Side Effects


Erika Bilyard :I’m not sure what it’s like there, but here Dovonex is a Vitamin D analog cream or ointment, not a steroid at all. And it doesn’t work quickly, at least for my hubby. He’s found it works best to keep spots under control once he gets them down with UV or even steroids.You could also look at diet and stress management as natural controls. That helps both my hubby and myself quite a bit.

Ellie Brown: Long term use of steroid creams will thin the skin.There’s no cure for psoriasis but there are medicines that can help rein in the symptoms.

Rupz Jheeta: Yes it can or dryness is the main cause…I am also from punjab amd living in Australia. I am suffering from hand psoriasis from last year started in winters.. I have used steroid cream n everything prescribed by doctor but no result just spread …now I am on antibiotics from last month and get little chang

Alyssa Kristine: I don’t have health insurance so am unable to afford light therapy. As an alternative, I tried a tanning bed several years ago and it worked wonders. When my skin is bad I use a level one bed for around 5 minutes a few times a week. It has been a life saver. You do have to be careful with dovonex, though, as it can make your skin more sensitive. I just made sure not to use it right before tanning.

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