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Does Resveratrol Help Psoriasis ? (PICS AND STORY)

I have Plaque, guttate, nail psoriasis and PA. After a particularly bad flare over most of my body, and not wanting to go the biologic route for a few reasons (one being affordability) I dove into some middle of the night research. Found an interesting study done on mice, they injected a group with a psoriasis-like inflammation… then treated with either a petroleum jelly based topical, or resveratrol.

The promise in the resveratrol group on psoriasis was quite surprising. So. bring that I had some resveratrol from a while ago (for ADD help).. I started taking it Monday am. Decided to take a pic Monday afternoon to be able to compare as time went on. I am Seriously floored. The photo below shows Monday afternoon in my dining room, with window light, on the left. And today on the right (bathroom, window light).

Does Resveratrol Help Psoriasis

I was also able to shave for the first time in A WHILE. My skin has been so angry and raised, cutting myself was imminent. Not one knick last night. For those looking for something that may help. it’s worth the less than 20 bucks to try this supplement.

Does Resveratrol Help Psoriasis
Does Resveratrol Help Psoriasis

The one I ordered off amazon, has a higher dose, and some other anti-inflammatory ingredients. Two in am, one at night since Thursday. (Photo below) No side effects as of yet.

Does Resveratrol Help Psoriasis

These are pill form supplements, but the Walmart one are a soft gel, can be punctured and used on the skin… it is a very thick and dark goo though, I suggest dark clothing and cut it with lotion. I did apply one day to see if any reaction etc.

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