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Does Psoriasis Affect HEARING LOSS ? (Survey and Answers)

Has anyone had their hearing affected by psoriasis ? Does Psoriasis Affect HEARING LOSS ?

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Answers of Psoriasis Patients

David Parker : Yes it does. My wife uses the ear candles once a month and it helps. Gets the wax out along with skin build up

Shaunna Barber : Yes. I have psoriasis in my ear canals.

Amy Nelson : Yes, I had a sudden severe hearing loss in one ear that has become permanent – caused by autoimmune disease 😕

Rich Pendlebury : I need to clean mine a couple times a yearIt seems to mix with ear wax and create a plug. I wear earplugs all day which I’m sure doesn’t help.I used a ear cleaning kit from my local pharmacy. Did it before my last hearing test and aced it.

Amil Scent : Yes i have psoriasisnside my ears and maybe its one of the reason why i have vertigo

Wayne E. Perrault: YES !!…wearing hearing aids

Beth Sandler: Yes and it’s so irritating!!!

Dawn Martin: Have partial hearing loss, had hearing aids prescribed and had to take them out because of the build up and lost one in the process and Medicaid won’t cover it until the time of replacements comes up and miracle ear has a foundation but I don’t have $150

Phil McCracken : Yup, kinda. Big flakes if skin and swelling in my ear canals can make it hard to hear often.

Blake Southam: Me, I have psoriasis in my ear apparently and my ears always get plugged up with wax I have to get them syringed often

(Source : Facebook)

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