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Does Covid Affect Psoriasis ?? (My Story)

Can Covid 19 Trigger Psoriasis

I currently live in Mexico but speak very little Spanish. I am suffering from Long COVID (Acute COVID or post-acute sequelae of COVID-19: PASC.) I have had several rashes because of it, but one did not go away like most PASC symptoms do. So I went to a doctor. The rash is on the upper back and shoulder area. There are pea to dime size itchy red patches. Since it is on my back, I really couldn’t get much of a look at it even though I tried taking a picture and using a hand mirror. They bled easy. The doctor said it was plaque psoriasis and suggested some creams. The doctor was not a dermatologist but I had no reason to think she didn’t know what she was talking about.

But now I have used the corticosteroid cream and salicylic acid wash she suggested for about two months, and while the first ones to appear went away, new ones have replaced them. When reading things on the internet (bad habit,) I see nothing about plaque psoriasis on the UPPER back – just the lower back. I’m also confused as what could be the trigger as I don’t drink, take any of the listed meds, or have any of the other diet no-no’s in my life. Except for a tomato and a bun on a burger every blue moon, life is pretty much veggies and tacos. Stress is the only trigger and I have been stressed for a year now since having a moderate case of COVID then the PASC while isolated in a city where I know no one.

I’m wondering if it this is something that is unique to PASC and not psoriasis. Do any of you have plaque psoriasis on your upper backs? Do the sores go away only to appear again in close proximity to the first ones? Can stress alone be a reason to develop psoriasis? I am 58 years old and have no family history of psoriasis or ever had skin issues before. And if this is plaque psoriasis, how long does it take to migrate to other parts of the body? It drives me crazy I can’t see what I am dealing with.

Thanks Anthony for his story

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