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Does A&D Ointment Help Psoriasis – SUCCESS PICS

My psoriasis on feet are looking so better change my diet taking the fish oil pill and multivitamins also using A&D on my feet and socks at night is really been a big relief also soaking them helps…

A&D ointment is used for babies for like diaper rashes people also use it to put on tattoos I found it to be very helpful to use on my dry skin because it’s really thick it make my skin feels so much better you could get at Dollar Stores Kroger’s CVS Walgreens it’s really helpful.


Does A&D Ointment Help Psoriasis

After 1 week

Does A&D Ointment Help Psoriasis

Its the actual name for vitamin and A&D Ointment helps prevent and treat diaper rash forms a protective barrier to seal out wetness and use every diaper change its for babies but it helps on my feet someone told me to try it and it really helped not sure .

It says for our skin that fish oil eating fish eating salmon is good for our skin not sure if that is exactly what is helping my skin but I take fish oil and the multivitamins and taking those for about 3 weeks now and doing the soaks using A&D and also using coconut oil has helped me I also was taking ibuprofen to get the swelling down. I’m so happy but I know my journey is not over good morning kings and queens smile we got this !

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