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Do Taltz Injections Hurt ? (REVIEW)

I thought I am tough, strong, I can be patient. I was soooo wrong! Now, I am on my Taltz– 10th dose, I inject myself in my belly, I do it at evening before I go to the bed to sleep through the pain( thank you so much for all advice you have in this website).

But each new dose terrifies me more and more recently.

Do Taltz Injections Hurt

It is not a short pain. It constant pain and next day I have literally half egg size bump on my stomach. So swollen that I can’t see my belly button. And on third day i feel itchy on my stomach. I am back to be normal only on fourth day after shot. Last time I was in the bed and wanted to cry feeling sorry for myself. But I cut me finger occidentally and then washed dishes and memory brought me pain I used to have for many many years because my stupid psoriasis was also on my hands, my fingers, everywhere!

Do Taltz Injections Hurt

And I realized: No! I wouldn’t be able bear it again. My finger that I cut is hilled now and to deal with water doesn’t cause me pain any more again. I will try to be patient with Taltz. I will try to except whatever comes with this shot, even red hot but temporary pain, and I don’t want stupid psoriasis to be back. My only hope that scientists will find better painless med for all of us!

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