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Clobetasol for Scalp Psoriasis (Review)

Clobetasol …this is a prescription liquid. It smells like rubbing alcohol. After a shower either while your hair is still wet or dry, you can sift through and apply this directly to your plaques and affected areas.

Clobetasol for Scalp Psoriasis

My dermatologist tell that you only need a small amount of liquid,maybe a quarter size max. You can rub it in or just spray it/apply it/ squirt it from the nozzle directly on to your scalp. It may burn if you’ve been itching too much and exposed areas that bleed or are open wounds. It will go away (the stinging), and if it doesn’t, please contact your dermatologist, always. He also told that this can gain tolerance from using it too frequently.

He said that you should use it frequently for about two weeks. Especially when it is incredibly bad and you’re not finding any relief, then wait a few weeks (2-4) and start again. Because of the tolerance, if you use too frequently it will stop working. You need to save this as it is liquid gold, for times that are DIRE.

Clobetasol for Scalp Psoriasis

if you place a little on some of your scalp and wait a day and notice no adverse reaction. You should probably be fine, but don’t overdo it and always ask a dermatologist about stuff you’re cautious of. For me it works . So I would use it without fear of side effects, it’s a topical liquid so unless you’re allergic, the side effects would be minimal.

I do not use it everyday because my breakouts of plaques and build up have gone down significantly .So I use it after I shower, either before bed, or in the morning, sometimes I take two showers because I get gross from the day and just having an auto immune causes me to sweat more than the average woman.

I still use this when I notice a lot of irritating build up, sometimes around my ears and on the side of my scalp. This has helped tremendously with relieving the plaques, remedying the itching, and cleansing my scalp.


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