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Cimzia Psoriasis Side Effect – PART 1

I got my cimzia injection for the first time in 6 months yesterday. And I’m completely out of it tonight. With Cimzia, I am exhausted. My head is foggy And all together I’m just off. I had the hardest time driving home from work tonight. Pics is of how my skin is currently. Plus more on my back and stomach

cimzia psoriasis side effect
cimzia psoriasis side effect

I am supposed to start my methotrexate injection again tomorrow. And I’m wondering if I should call my rheumy and tell her or if I should just wait until it passes to start the methotrexate? I got sick right after the 1st one when I started it a year ago but I have had some bad luck with being sick and being on antibiotics so I haven’t had an injection in almost 6 months and I get them twice a month even after the loading dose I have severe psoriasis and the only time I’ve been clear in 12 years is when I’m on a biologic and methotrexate. But it always comes back a little worse fast after I’m off of it for more than a month.I’m just nervous about how I feel right now.


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Cimzia Patient Reviews Psoriasis – PART 1

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