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Cerave Psoriasis Cleanser SIDE EFFECTS (From Customers Reviews)

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Bought this Cerave Psoriasis Cleanser thinking i could use it as an easy body exfoliant in the shower.
It burned and stinged a lot and afterwards i had dry and rash-y patches in my hands and overall my skin was very dry. (normally the skin on my body isn’t that dry or sensitive at all). and reading that some people use/used it on their face, oh my! and that’s not all, the SCENT was the worst. now listen, i don’t use any fragranced skincare nor do i expect my products to smell like flowers and there’s definitely some products that don’t have the most pleasant scent due to being unfragranced, but in general they don’t bother me. THIS was awful! it had such a strong stingy chemical smell and i was completely surprised by it. the smell even lingered in my bathroom for a while afterwards, definitely not something you would think an UNFRAGRANCED product would do.

I tried this for a spot behind my ear, and itchy cheeks (face!). I’m sorry – I do not like it at all.

It’s true that it doesn’t lather, but I already knew it wouldn’t so that didn’t bother me. I felt like I couldn’t rinse it off – maybe that’s the idea, I don’t know. But copious amounts of water, a good going over with a wet cloth – a film remained. It felt greasy and yucky. When I tried it JUST behind my ear, it still just felt gross.

With that said – people generally have more sebaceous pores on their face/scalp area than on other body parts – so if you’re wanting to use this on a shin or wherever, it may feel just fine.

When I first got it, it had leaked inside the box. This bottle design has had an ongoing problem that you can clearly see if you read thru the reviews for cerave soaps – a problem the company knows about, and possibly it’s a shipping issue that needs to be corrected by whoever.

If you want to try it and you have the ability, I would purchase from a brick and mortar instead of relying on wonky shipping that’ll lose you a portion of what you’ve paid for.

Don’t put it where water can splash into it.

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