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Celery Juice Psoriasis Before and After

I’m 36, diagnosed with PSA 4 years ago. I’ve had psoriasis since I was a toddler, in my scalp mostly, also in embarrassing areas as well. Suffered with joint pain since my teens. I’ve stood behind a chair doing hair for 40 years and I still REFUSE to take the methotrexate and biologics. I feel I still have a really good life. I’ve juiced organic celery fir 3 years now and that has helped tremendously. The key is to keep inflammation out of your body. Sugar, dairy, processed foods are terrible culprits. Try and stay away from them. As hard as it is, a plant based diet is best for me. I stretch as much as I can in the shower.

I just recently realized that tomatoes cause my inverse psoriasis to act up in embarrassing places in my body. I love tomatoes, peppers onions. I follow the medical medium and have found this is the best plan if action for me. I go every year and have labs done and have X-rays of my hands feet and sacroiliac joints to be compared to the year before. Ever since doing the celery juice, my labs are sooo much better

Celery Juice Psoriasis Before and After
Celery Juice Psoriasis Before and After

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