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CBD Psoriasis Treatment (REVIEW And Pictures)

I have been living with psoriasis for over 20 years. About 3 years ago I was 70% covered. My derm had me on these hard meds with so many nasty side effects. I quit. My body couldn’t handle it. I am now using CBD which helps TREMENDOUSLY.

I tried methotrexate, then cyclosporine. Hated the side effects. As i weaned off the cyclosporine i started to take CBD. Some spots came back but not that much. It’s been a little over 2 months of being on CBD and wow. No i am not clear. But its coming along. No new spots. And the big ones are getting smaller. At first i figured it was the phototherapy. But sine i can’t do phototherapy anymore i know for a fact its the cbd. And the side effects are: sleeping better. More calm. Less anxious.

Before picture:

CBD Psoriasis Treatment

And on 4 months, – 6mg CBD in the am under tongue. Dry rub before shower. Lotion up while wet with vicks. And i use a night time mixture of 25mg thc/30mg CBD under tongue before bed as it makes me super sleepy. I don’t use soap to wash. I use to use a mixture of thc/cbd in my lotion but i ran out and since i can’t work because of the rona I’m skipping on that one.

After picture:

CBD Psoriasis Treatment

I used to think it was because of the phototherapy, but because of the rona i stopped. I still have some spots, but no huge flare up. And i use a mixture of half cbd half thc to put put in a body lotion and that helps as well.

(SOURCE – Melissa – Hawkesbury, Ontario)

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