How Can I Have Better Ejaculation Control & Maximize Her Sexual Pleasure?

Little Known Tips For Men!

Is it possible for a man to learn how to have better ejaculation control and provide unimaginable sexual pleasure to his female partner? This might seem like a tough act to juggle for any man. After all, premature ejaculation is undoubtedly the most common problem that affects men in the bedroom. And if you are focusing on trying to last longer during intercourse, it becomes doubly difficult to concentrate on giving her maximum pleasure. Or is it? Well, let’s find out!

Getting Her (NOT You) Turned On First

According to studies, both men and women are naturally predisposed to reach a sexual climax at around the same time. But there is a fundamental difference. Women are more conscious and insecure about their own bodies and this psychological distraction actually causes them to take longer to get sufficiently aroused. 

Ironically this works in men’s advantage. You should take things slow right from the start, paying attention to her body and complimenting her. Give her sufficient stimulation on her non-sexual areas first before moving on to her erogenous zones. This will free her from her own insecurities and at the same time, buy you time so that you can last longer.

Priming Her For An Orgasm

When women are aroused, they tend to stay at that phase longer than men before they start ascending towards an orgasm. The trick here lies in the stimulation that you deliver to her. At this stage her clitoris is ready for the taking. While you are penetrating her, you should also focus on stimulating her clitoris in steady, tender strokes using your fingers. 

At this point, you are likely to feel your breathing and heartbeat going up. Don’t let your breathing go astray, otherwise you will speed away to your own orgasm. Instead, focus on taking deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling slowly. This will help to relax those diaphragm muscles and prevent them from becoming too tensed.

Race To Finish: Maintaining Your Own Awareness And Control

When she is nearing a climax and you attempt to change your position or even the rhythm, speed and intensity of penetration, she is likely to go back to square one! Try to draw your attention away from the sensations in your penis and focus on your other body parts. For example, notice how your arms are supporting you during penetration and how your abdominal muscles are flexing. This gives you greater awareness and better control, buying you more time before you hit the point of no return.

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