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Best Cream for Scalp Psoriasis (Over the Counter) – PART 2

6 months scalp psoriasis free . I dont deal with anxiety anymore and my psoriasis never came back since February which was also the first one time in years I reached to steroid cream. I had a mental breakdown to where I couldnt take it any longer all the overthinking of how this ruined my life. it grew bigger and bigger, spread on my body, made me feel embarassed and itchy everywhere I went. So I ordered a hydrocortisone cream (I had to order it online. I live in the Netherlands. When I had the mental break down I ran to the pharmacy to get any cream that has steroid but they rejected to give me without doctors note so i went angry at home and ordered it online. ) + CeraVe moisturizer. I would mix hydrocortisone cream with the cerave to dilute it then just tilt my head all the way down and smear it all around inside my hair on my scalp. Did it maybe 2-3 times in a few days til it was gone. The best cream for Scalp Psoriasis

MY hydrocortisone cream

My psoriasis used to re-appear after 2 weeks before when I used any type of steroid and therefore I didnt have hope for it to solve the issue I just wanted a few days break and a relief. It just worked and it never came back as I was expecting it to do after 2-3 weeks. No more stress and zero anxiety ever since. I hope it works for you. i changed my shampoos too i used a lot of drugstore but now ive been using la roche posay kerium shampoo and its been doing me great. Its a french skincare brand and pretty affordable. Its a whole miracle I hope yall get through it too.

How to Get RId of Scalp Psoriasis At Home

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