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Are Eggs Bad for Psoriasis ? (PICTURES And Reviews)

1./ Eggs VS Scalp Psoriasis – Pictures from Hossam – Facebook :

The aggression of scalp psoriasis in the next day after eating 4 boiled eggs last night.. I think egg yolk is the main reason here..

Are Eggs Bad for Psoriasis
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2./ Eggs Reviews from Others Psoriasis Patients (On Facebook Post)

Ria Ozard Yates : Eggs don’t bother me I find stress is my worse trigger

Debbie Tannenbaum : My skin has been clearing up after I received the results of an extensive food allergy test and have been cutting them out of my diet. Eggs, bananas, spinach and other foods I thought were healthy were aggravating my body inside and out. I encourage everyone to get tested. Knowledge is power

Gill Durham : It’s funny, I used to eat loads of eggs for keto and my skin was awful. Just recently I’ve stopped eating them and my skin is really good, almost gone in fact. I’m wondering now if I’m allergic to eggs.

Sophia Duff : Just letting you know you’re not alone. Egges flared up my psoriasis too. I use the “adult” A&D ointment. It’s in a white tub on amazon. (not the one for diaper rash lol).

Are Eggs Bad for Psoriasis
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Mango Mura : Eggs trigger flare ups for me too. I stopped eating eggs and my skin cleared up. I found an article that says the protein lysozyme in egg white is a culprit.

Nellie Nemsova : I been eating eggs with egg whites for years and I’ve been somewhat ok. When I have milk and nightshades I flare up big time.

Justyna Szewczyk : Eggs make mine worse too. I avoid them as much as possible, that counts for using them as an ingridient, and I avoid all diary too

James Torro : I eat a dozen a day as a lifter and it has never caused flare ups. It’s probably different for everyone.

Helena Emma : I eat eggs on keto doesn’t cause me to flare. We’re all different. I’m more influenced by central heating. I don’t use it.

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