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Aip Diet and Psoriasis

My AIP Journey for psoriasis. Though I started A few days ago , Ive already slipped up a few times This is Chicken Broth, Kelp noodle, Kale, spinach, Cilantro , Green Onions , Free range chicken cooked in avacado oil. Its really good and my 18 month old even enjoys it. Ivehad psoriasis for 4 years and while I was pregnant it went away completly and with that I started eating whatever I wanted. So Ive totally screwed my poor gut.

Aip Diet and Psoriasis

So Im ready to be my best self for my Daughter. Its gonna be alot of salads for the next month or so. Im also wondering how AIP & Blood type diets can go together. Like sweet potatoes seems like a staple in the AIP but they are poison for my blood type as are most meats besides chicken and turkey, also how Soy is a no no on AIP but it good for typeA blood. Such a learning curve but how great to be so in tune with ones body. I have to say I love food, and I love to cook so trying new things that are good for me will be fun. (you can read and buy AIP diet Plan Here)

Aip Diet and Psoriasis

Psoriasis Aip Diet REVIEW


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