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Aip Diet and Psoriasis – PART 3

My psoriasis started last year on my hands feet and legs. I did the AIP protocol and then just continued on paleo and my psoriasis completely cleared. I have been eating whatever I want now and the psoriasis has returned this time on my scalp. I just want your opinions and advice. Should I go and apply for the steroid shots? Or just go back to a clean diet ? Hands before and after. Now scalp currently

Aip Diet and Psoriasis
Aip Diet and Psoriasis
Aip Diet and Psoriasis

Dr thinks on top of PSO I developed Systemic Atopic Dermatitis. So now I’m on a low nickel diet for 12 weeks under dr supervision as it lacks many essential nutrients. , it’s the complete opposite of AIP. White potatoes, white bread, no greens or lettuce. I hate it! AIP diet I was never hungry and other than my skin I felt great . (my plan here). . I’m praying that I found my trigger otherwise they’re recommending biologics, which I want to avoid at all cost.There’s no one size fits all diet for this, we need to identify our triggers and helpers. My advice would be stick with what works for you, it’s also a very healthy way to eat. Forgo drugs whenever and as long as you can.


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